Why are Cows So Prone to Hoof Disease How to Prevent
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Why are Cows So Prone to Hoof Disease How to Prevent

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Why are Cows So Prone to Hoof Disease How to Prevent

Cow hoof disease is a common disease affecting the health and production performance of cows. It is reported that the incidence of hoof disease in Chinese dairy cows is more than 30%, especially in hot summer areas. Why are cows so prone to hoof disease? What causes it? How to prevent hoof disease? Take a look down below to find out.

Causes of hoof disease in dairy cows

1. Nutritional factors

Improper or insufficient ratio of calcium and phosphorus. Improper calcium phosphorus ratio is easy to cause metabolic disorders, lead to hoof disease. Zinc deficiency in cows can affect the keratinization of hoof and cause hoof disease.

The grain structure is not reasonable. If the ratio of concentrate to coarse is not proper, too much concentrate will lead to excessive intake of carbohydrates in dairy cows, produce too much lactic acid in the rumen, and cause acidosis of dairy cows leading to hoof disease.

2. Environmental factors

Feeding management. The playground is too small, there is not enough space for exercise; Poor enclosure environment, wet, so that the hoof cuticle anti-infection ability decreased, increase the incidence of hoof deformation and bacterial laminitis. Sports ground hard, uneven, stone, cement ground, are easy to cause cow hoof injury or contusion. If the feces on the ground can not be cleaned up in time, to bacteria reproduction makes a good opportunity, easy to cause hoof infection, hoof rot disease.

Seasonal factors. Summer weather is hot and rainy, cow stress is relatively big, resistance decline. Cows hoof in sewage soak for a long time, the cuticle becomes soft, increase the infection rate of bacteria, prone to hoof disease.

3. Genetic factors

Research has found that the hoof shape of dairy cows has a certain hereditary, poor hoof shape dairy cattle offspring prone to hoof deformation.

4. Other factors

Ketosis, mastitis and obstetric diseases can cause hoof disease. Hoof disease may be induced by hoof malformation, hoof malfo.

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