Why Use A Calf Hutch During the Winter Calving Rush? What are the Benefits of Calf Hutch!
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Why Use A Calf Hutch During the Winter Calving Rush? What are the Benefits of Calf Hutch!

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Why Use A Calf Hutch During the Winter Calving Rush? What are the Benefits of Calf Hutch!

The use of calf hutch equipment, in improving the living environment of calves at the same time, further improve the calf feeding management program. Newborn calves are transferred to the calf hutch after the first period of life, the implementation of the "island" on the license plate, the license plate is marked with the birth weight, cow number, calf number and date of birth, etc., to facilitate the daily feeding management. Easy to observe the calf's spirit, appetite and feces and other conditions, to develop different feeding programs. This is not only conducive to the growth and development of calves, but also can effectively control the waste of cow's milk and feed, saving costs.

What kind of calves are suitable calf hutch?

Generally, heifer calves up to 3 months old can be housed, and we recommend one calf per island.

Advantages of single pen rearing for newborn calves:

1. Calves from birth to weaning, raised separately in the same pen to avoid sucking each other, the opportunity to contact each other, reduce the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, can reduce the incidence of calves;

2. The enclosure is ventilated, the air is fresh, the light is sufficient, and the movement is free, which can improve the calf's physique and resistance to disease;

3. It can ensure the amount of food for each calf, avoiding the phenomenon of calves not eating enough due to centralized mixed group feeding and food grabbing;

4. It is easy to find sick cows, as well as to treat and observe them, and it serves to isolate sick cows. The small enclosure is easy to disinfect and conducive to the control of diseases;

5. Once a hutch is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, the simple structure in the pen is easy to move around and facilitates the renewal of calf feedlots.

The calf hutch consists of a box-type barn and fence, open on one side and closed on three sides, placed outside the barn, dry and open space, warm in winter and cool in summer. The calves are kept in a single pen, which is easy to observe the calves during the rearing process and to clean and sterilize the living environment, providing a highly clean environment for the calves to grow up.

To achieve isolation between calves and calves, to avoid calves sucking each other, to reduce the occurrence of disease to prevent cross-infection, to reduce the incidence of dysentery and gastroenteritis, can greatly improve the survival rate of calves, can ensure the rapid growth of the herd. And make calves use concentrated feed earlier, improve calf body quality, enhance the growth rate.

Advantages of Hebei Baihui calf hutches

1. Imported polyethylene thermo rotomolding machine for one-time processing and molding

2. Anti-drop, pressure, aging, corrosion resistance, not afraid of the wind and sunshine

3. Heat insulation and moisture-proof ventilation effect is good

4. can play the role of winter warmth and summer coolness

5. Transmission rate ≤ 1, effective heat insulation 5 ℃

6. Hot-dip galvanized fence is smooth and burr-free.

7. Equipped with milk bottle or buckets to make feeding more convenient.

8. Provide an independent and good rearing environment for calves.

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