When To Wean
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When To Wean

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When To Wean

Most beef producers wean around seven months of age, according to John B. Hall, Ph.D., PAS, a University of Idaho professor and extension beef specialist. However, there is more to consider than age.

“The time of weaning should be matched to the producer’s forage availability and post-weaning goals,” he said. “So, we need to be flexible on timing.”

For example, weaning calves in drought conditions—at 150 to 180 days—maximizes the forage supply  before it declines. Conversely, if it is a good forage year waiting slightly longer than seven months can also be beneficial.

“Those are extreme examples,” he said. “But weaning dates need to change based on forage availability and weather conditions to support calf growth. If a big storm or rain is coming in, I might wait to reduce stress on the calves.”

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