Baihui Rotomould Road Barrier Help Road Safe
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Baihui Rotomould Road Barrier Help Road Safe

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Baihui Rotomould Road Barrier Help Road Safe

Water horse is usually used for divided the road to form a plastic barrier. It’s the structure of small top and large bottom. There is a hole on the top for water injection. The road barrier(water horse) is usually used on transportation facilities. We could see them on highway,urban road,overbridge and intersection. We call them three whole water horse, rotomould water horse, road barrier,plastic water horse.

The common colors is red,yellow and white etc. The color could be customized according to the customer’s requirements. The rotomould water horse adopt rotomould process and made of new imported materials.The characteristics are anti-aging, anti-sun,anti-freezing,anti-collision and long time service.

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